Couture Jazz Hand Chained Scarf


Premier® Couture JazzTM is an airy, open net-style yarn perfect for sophisticated scarves and accessories. While it has a netting and can be crocheted or knitted just like Starbella®, we’ve hand chained it to make three beautiful winter scarves. The first one is made by just hand-chaining Couture Jazz right out of the packaging.

Capture 2

The second scarf is made by folding the entire length of Couture Jazz in half and then hand chaining it.

Capture 1

The third is actually a cowl, and is made by starting with the first scarf and then hand-chaining it again.


Watch the right handed Couture Jazz Hand Chaining video:

Watch the left handed Couture Jazz Hand Chaining video:


Couture Jazz is a great yarn for these cold winter days.  Check out our blog post on arm-knitting with Couture Jazz.

Here are the links to products and videos found in this post:

Couture Jazz Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video



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