How to Host a Tea Party – Maggie's Crochet Crochet Tea Set Pattern

Colder seasons often leave us in anticipation for all the wonderful things Spring and Summer will bring as the year moves forward.  Warmer weather inspires us to enjoy longer days, get outside, and use our imaginations.  One of the best ways to greet warmer days is to host your very own tea party!

How to Host the Perfect Tea Party:

1. Make a Guest List: It’s important to invite friends and family you wish to share this special occasion with (yes, stuffed animals count, too!)

2. Plan the Menu: Will it be cakes and cookies? Or cheese and crackers? Whether you choose sweet, savory, or a little of both, make sure to accommodate your refreshments with a beautiful presentation.

3. Send Your Invitations: Get creative! Invitations are an important part of any party. It’s a good idea to have them reflect on the theme and dress of the event. Your guest is sure to be excited when they receive theirs!

4. Choose a Location: No matter if you choose to host a garden tea party outdoors or have a sophisticated set up inside, make sure there is enough room for conversation and cake!

5. Choose Your Decor: The most important part in tea party planning is choosing a theme, including the accessories and dishware. With so many options from color to size to shape, it’s easy to find something that is sure to suit your style.

6. Relax and have fun!: The day is finally here! Your guests look spiffy and the food tastes fantastic. The only thing left for you to do is pour yourself a cup of tea, indulge in conversation, and enjoy the most perfect tea party of the year.

TLC Family’s “How to Host a Tea Party” is a fabulous resource for more tea party tips and tricks!

Our Crochet Tea Set Pattern is a perfect inspiration for anyone planning a tea party!

Maggie's Crochet Tea Set

Maggie’s Crochet Tea Set

What’s a sunny afternoon without tea?  Complete with everything you’d need for a tea party, this gorgeous Crochet Tea Set Pattern is sure to delight any little girl with an imagination.  The teapot, sugar bowl, saucers, cups, plates, and spoons are kept tight and portable in the carrying bag that also serves as a mat. There is even a cake slice and flowers! Perfectly soft and lightweight, this pattern includes all you’d need for an outdoor play date with friends or stuffed animals when the weather is just right.

Each piece is its own and requires special attention to seams, color, and shaping. All the uniqueness in the different pieces make this perfect for an intermediate level crocheter. Make as many duplicates of the items as your little girl desires! With so many options involving color and pieces, the possibilities are endless.

Find it Here:

Maggie’s Crochet Tea Set – Pattern #PB011

Original Designs By: Donna Collinsworth

Skill Level: Intermediate

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