Lily of the Valley Free Crochet Pattern




Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a very sweet-smelling woodland plant that is common to the Southern Appalachians.  It is said that lilies of the valley grew from the spot where Mary’s tears hit the ground at the foot of the cross. Other meanings of the lily of the valley include sweetness and a return of happiness. Lily of the valley is often used as a wedding flower.


Click on the photo for Lily of the Valley Free Crochet Pattern


This Lily of the Valley free crochet pattern would make a great table decoration for a wedding. This is an intermediate crochet project that is worked in a size 10 crochet thread like Lizbeth. Lizbeth crochet thread is one of the very best on the market in our opinion and is made of 100% Egyptian cotton.


Click on the photo for Lizbeth Size 10 Crochet Thread


When working with crochet thread you will need a very small crochet hook that is designed for crochet thread. Boye’s Crochet Master Steel and Aluminum Crochet Hook set includes 16 steel crochet hooks for use with crochet threads in addition to 8 aluminum crochet hooks sized D through K for yarn work.


Click on the photo for Boye Crochet Master Hook Set


Watch the Right-Handed Video Lesson:


Watch the Left-Handed Video Lesson:


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Lily of the Valley Crochet Pattern

Lizbeth Crochet Thread

Steel Crochet Hook

Right-Handed Video Lesson

Left-Handed Video Lesson

Maggie is excited to bring you seven new free flower crochet patterns: Daisy Motif, Round Center, Vicki’s Large Flower, Valentine Flower, Loop-the-Loop Flower, Morning Glory, and Lily of the Valley.

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