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Vintage Crochet Lace Doilies – Wall Art

A while ago I saw, a crochet room divider on the apartment therapy website. The divider was crocheted using a heavy jute type rope and a large crochet hook. When I saw this I

Turning Chain

The turning chain is a crochet step to keep your work even on the sides since crochet stitches vary in height. Making one to five chain stitches before turning the row accommodates the height

Maggie’s Amazing Afghans

It’s time we put a spotlight on the heart of crochet: afghans. Summertime means displaying our cutest warm-weather afghans. The whole family will love them- the kids included! Brighten your home and check these

Crochet T-shirt Dresses for Little Ones and their Friends

This summer we are releasing our newest edition to the American Girl collection with our festive t-shirt dresses. No outfit is complete without her matching purse and sun hat. These stylish dresses come in

Crochet Hanging Vase – Easy Pattern How To Video and Pattern

Click the photo for video tutorial with Maggie Weldon and subscribe to her youtube channel for video updates when other tutorials are posted. Click the photo for a left handed video tutorial with Maggie

Crochet Ruffle Stitch Single – Learn How To with Maggie Weldon

The Ruffle Stitch is worked in one stitch and there are two variations – Single Ruffle Stitch and Double Ruffle Stitch. This post will feature the Single Ruffle Stitch and a video tutorial from

Crochet Ruffle Stitch Double – Learn How To with Maggie Weldon

There are two versions of the Ruffle Stitch – Single Ruffle Stitch & Double Ruffle Stitch. Both stitches are worked in one stitch. This post will feature the Double Ruffle Stitch and a video

Independence Day Crochet

Independence day is quickly making its way here, an you know what that means! Patriotic wear sporting red, white and blue are going to be everywhere. We’ve prepared for this by putting together our

Crochet Roosters: Past and Present

Roosters have been a tradition in many kitchens around the U.S. because of the superstition that they bring good luck. Others place them in the home to make their homes warm, comfortable and inviting,

Crochet Patterns for the Wise

Owls: beloved animals, and cute additions to our crochet collection. Everyone here loves the crochet critters, so this week we’re showing off our best owl products. Any of them would be a great gift

Baby Summer Styles

If you have a special little one in your life, crochet baby and toddler clothes and accessories can make rewarding projects and adorable gifts. Baby crochet items are are a joy to create, and

Tunisian Crochet: A Unique Fusion between Knitting and Crochet

Seeking to experiment with a new crochet style this summer? Tunisian crochet, also known as “Afghan Crochet,” or “Afghan Stitch,” is a unique fusion between knitting and crochet. There is no need to turn

Sunbonnet Sue: Inspirational Designs and History

Sunbonnet Sue is perhaps one of the most widely recognized crochet and needlework designs. This lovely and traditional pattern is used to create the most charming dolls, clothing, quilts, and accessories, and makes the

Crochet Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best ways to take an outfit from so-so to WOW! Because jewelry has such a large affect on your outfit, it is very important that you have stylish, statement

Vintage Potholders: Reds & Blues

Vintage Potholders are sure to remind you of a simpler time.  The first all-potholder leaflets came about in 1941, complete with stitch instructions and patterns. This was a classic time before television: when the