Maggie’s Crochet Top 10 Bestsellers

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to offer great products including original patterns, a premium yarn selection, vintage patterns, fantastic tools, and more! Here are the Top 10 Bestsellers that continue to make Maggie’s Crochet so successful:

Click the links following the number to see the pattern.

10. Holiday CD Coasters Crochet Pattern #PA950


How fun! These festive little coasters will keep your home festive throughout the year! These patterns are perfect for all level crocheters.

9. Starbella Stripes


We have so many color combinations available in this beautiful yarn that you’ll have a hard time deciding on just one!

8. Quick-Stitch Crochet #AA70220


This book is perfect for quick-stitch crochet patterns.  There are over 75 projects in this book including home decor, toys, fashion pieces and more. What a great resource for your busy schedule!

7. Scrap Granny Hooded Jacket Crochet Pattern #PA877


This creative garment is a trendy twist on the classic granny square.  Stay cool and comfy in this hooded jacket while using your scrap yarn to stitch this. There is no limit to color use so use what you have or create your own color combination!

6. 5″ Itty Bitty Doll #AA17999


You’ll have to have these little dolls to show off your itty bitty clothing creations.  We offers some adorably irresistible doll clothing and outfit patterns on our site that are perfect for collections or to make for your favorite little girl!

5. Tea Set Crochet Pattern #PB011

Tea Set

What makes this set so special are all the items included in the collection.  It has every thing you need to host your own tea party (click for tips on how to host a perfect tea party!). The tea set crochet pattern includes every thing from cake to spoons, plates to saucers, and even a mat that doubles as a carrying case. This is great for an afternoon at the park!

4. Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn


We have a variety of colors that can be used to make your favorite fashion accessories! This shimmery fishnet weave yarn adds that nice touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

3. Vintage Rippled Edged Doily Crochet Pattern #PT020


Doilies are a crochet icon and continue to be a decorative home item.  This beautiful and intricate pattern is no different and would be a delightful and classy addition to your kitchen decor. Work with whatever colors you’d like to match your style.

2. Shell Edged Jacket Crochet Pattern #PA348


It’s not hard to see why this gorgeous pattern is a favorite.  It’s stunningly versatile, comfortable, easy to stitch and fashionable to wear.  We can’t say enough great things about this beautiful jacket!

1. Starbella


This versatile premier yarn has helped thousands create their perfect crochet patterns.  We have lots of fun and bright colors to choose from that will make stitching your favorite scarfs, shawls, among other things super easy and fun!

It’s easy to see why this list of items are Maggie’s Crochet bestsellers.  We are continually providing crocheters with the right patterns and tools they need to stitch their best creations yet.  Do you have a favorite Maggie’s Crochet item?

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