Stitch Repeat V-Stitch – Free Crochet Pattern



The V-Stitch is a classic crochet stitch that does have some variations. Some patterns will ask to to chain one in the middle of each “V” but this pattern is double crochets only, with the exception of the turning chains.



Click the photo for the V-Stitch pattern.


This stitch repeat can be worked with any size yarn. Use the hook size recommend for whatever yarn you choose. Worsted weight yarn is a good size to practice with and is what we used in the tutorial video.



Click the photo for Multi-Colored Home Cotton yarn.



 Watch the Right-Handed Tutorial Video:

Watch the Left-Handed Tutorial Video:

Here are the quick links to the products and videos contained in this post:

V-Stitch Pattern

Home Cotton Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video


Maggie is excited to offer Seven Free Stitch Repeat Patterns: Berry StitchV-StitchCross StitchShell #1Granny RowsPolka Dots, & Long Single Crochet.

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1 Comment

  • Sandra Williamson 10 years ago Reply

    #2 video watched-
    What happens if the stitches aren’t alternated-if the double crochets are always done in the open area for length of item instead and does it become lacy in rows as it grows, as in beautiful or is it weak and stupid-clearly I am hoping that this will wind up being educational for many other applications-maybe they all have merit and that’s great.
    What changes do you suggest that would make it, perhaps less appropriate for dishcloth but more interesting as scarf or clothing applications? How can this be applied for more open, lacy look-can this become lacy or just begin with a different stitch since this one IS at its very best as dishcloth type application?

    Video suggestions- the examples of alternatives of this along with its easy extremes.

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