Stitch Repeat Long Single Crochet – Free Crochet Pattern



Long Single Crochets (often abbreviated “long sc”) are a great way to add variety to your crocheted pieces. When a contrasting color is worked over a solid color, it creates a spike effect on both sides of the work.

In this photo, each row has been worked in a different color, but all the long sc are done in the same light blue throughout the piece. For an example of long sc in a solid color piece, watch the tutorial video below.



Click the photo for the Long Single Crochet pattern.


This stitch repeat can be worked with any size yarn. Use the hook size recommend for whatever yarn you choose. Worsted weight yarn is a good size to practice with – you probably have enough scraps lying around to go ahead and start!



Click the photo to shop Multi-Colored Home Cotton yarn.


 Watch the Right-Handed Tutorial Video:

Watch the Left-Handed Tutorial Video

Here are the quick links to the products and videos contained in this post:

Long Single Crochet Pattern

Home Cotton Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video


Maggie is excited to offer Seven Free Stitch Repeat Patterns: Berry StitchV-StitchCross StitchShell #1Granny RowsPolka Dots, & Long Single Crochet.

Hugs, Maggie

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Comments (3)

  • Sandra Williamson 10 years ago Reply

    This is my commentary after watching the “Long Stitch Single Crochet” video only.
    I’m pleased I watched to the very end of Christina’s (spelling?) video because as it was developing, I wanted to change the interval to be uneven so I could do an easy addition on next equal go-around of long stitches or do less dropped on either side to show more variation but she added that those changes, alterations are easy options so…as I change my view of what additions I want to do, I must ask of those with far more experience than I will ever have, Maggie and Cristina, are there limits to those changes that we should keep in mind or are there needs for enough rows without alteration that are recommended for stability (as an example).

    What care is appropriate in alterations so that hours of work aren’t in need of being trashed? In other words, what are the limits on how many long stitches that we do or suggestions with this pattern and other alternates for when it’s best to just do some basics or as with lacy, open crochet, is the sky the limit?

    My request for added videos!
    Along this line of thinking, of course, I’d enjoy seeing examples that demonstrate those exercises in ‘long-stitch-overkill’ or at very least, some fun-loving exercises in pushing the limits of ‘long stitch single crochet’ or naturally, done with double crochet, variation of lengths in drop, emphasis on ETC! Long Stitch Gone Wild or what I haven’t seen in any video-what’s worthy of avoiding- how to skip that essence of ‘Taken too far’!

    While I’m enjoying your ‘free pattern’ bonanza, my plans are now calling for ordering much more yarn! That issue, I’m sure, you will be pleased to help me solve! Thanks Sandra

  • Cecelia Mercer 10 years ago Reply

    I appreciate the videos but when you offer 7 free patterns shouldn’t there be something I can save to my computer’s hard drive or print out to take with me?

    maggieweldon 10 years ago Reply

    Hi Cecelia,
    I’m glad you enjoy the patterns! The written patterns are always available on http://www.maggiescrochet.com – this particular pattern is located here: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/pages/stitch-repeat-long-single-crochet-free-crochet-pattern. We don’t over these patterns as pdfs, but you are welcome to copy and paste the pattern into a word document to save or print for personal use.
    Happy crocheting!

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