Stitch Repeat Cross Stitch – Free Crochet Pattern



The Cross Stitch is named for the way the double crochets “cross” over each other. This is done by skipping a stitch and then coming back to it. It creates an interesting texture on both sides of your piece.



Click on the photo for the Cross Stitch pattern.


This stitch repeat can be worked with any size yarn. Use the hook size recommend for whatever yarn you choose. Worsted weight yarn is a good size to practice with and is what we used in the tutorial video.



Click the photo for Home Cotton yarn.


 Watch the Right-Handed Tutorial Video:

Watch the Left-Handed Tutorial Video:

Here are the quick links to the products and videos contained in this post:

Cross Stitch Pattern

Home Cotton Yarn

Right-Handed Video

Left-Handed Video


Maggie is excited to offer Seven Free Stitch Repeat Patterns: Berry StitchV-StitchCross StitchShell #1Granny RowsPolka Dots, & Long Single Crochet.

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1 Comment

  • Sandra Williamson 10 years ago Reply

    Video #3 Cross stitch pattern video,
    I really like the way Cristina holds her hook in certain places in doing this video and it seemed to be that position where there might be a higher likelihood of splitting the yarn or be higher difficulty level for inserting the hook. The hook’s pointed down, couched and I think it solves & avoids issues, speeding stitching. While I haven’t seen it elsewhere, it seems SO very wise. I plan to incorporate it as my trial, asap- always copy the teacher!

    This seems versatile although I think I’d automatically switch to broomstick if I wanted that reversed, crossed look but I have to try this before I leave it.

    Video request-seeing larger sampling with items made using this stitch as I think I automatically switched mentally to broomstick lace stitch-now feeling I didn’t give enough of a shot.

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