Seven Free Crochet Stitch Patterns


Enjoy the latest batch of free crochet patterns from Maggie’s Crochet!  This week, we are sharing seven stitch repeat tutorials. Each pattern will tell you what multiple of stitches are needed, so you can make your finished project as small or big as you’d like! Follow the links below to see the pattern for each project, along with the suggested materials and a video tutorial.


Long Single Crochet


Click the photo for the Long Single Crochet pattern and videos.


Polka Dot Stitch


Click the photo for the Polka Dot Stitch pattern and videos.


Granny Rows


Click the photo for the Granny Rows pattern and videos.


Shell Variation #1


Click the photo for the Shell Stitch pattern and videos.


Cross Stitch


Click the photo for the Cross Stitch pattern and videos.




Click the photo for the V-Stitch pattern and videos.


Berry Stitch


Click the photo for the Berry Stitch pattern and videos.


These stitch repeats can be worked with any size yarn. Use the hook size recommend for whatever yarn you choose. Worsted weight yarn is a good size to practice with and is what we used in all of the tutorial videos.


Click the photo for worsted weight Home Cotton yarn.


Maggie is excited to offer Seven Free Stitch Repeat Patterns: Berry StitchV-StitchCross StitchShell #1Granny RowsPolka Dots, & Long Single Crochet.


Hugs, Maggie


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Comments (5)

  • Laura 10 years ago Reply

    Hi Maggie,

    I can only find 2 out of all the types of crocheted necklaces you show–the fabulous, and the city life. What are the names of the others you show at the start of each video, and where can I find their videos? Thanx much for sharing them!


    maggieweldon 10 years ago Reply

    Hi Laura,

    All seven projects can be found here: https://maggiescrochetblog.com/seven-free-chain-necklace-patterns/


    Laura 10 years ago

    Thank you, Maggie, for responding so quickly and accurately to info I requested on the 7 chained necklaces. As a result, I ended up watching other videos of yours, and placing a fairly large order for yarn from you. Not sure why I didn’t know before that you had videos available. I’m a visual learner, and the videos are easier for me to learn from than the written instructions. Thanx again!!!

  • Barbara 9 years ago Reply

    Hi. Im looking for instrutions for “Katherine’ s wheel. I have seen a u tube video. But i need it written down. Could you please help me

    maggieweldon 9 years ago Reply

    Hi Barbara,

    This Catherine Wheel Afghan pattern is available at our website: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/catherine-wheel-afghan-pattern

    Hope this helps you out!

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