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Sizzling Scalloped Shawlette Free Crochet Pattern

This Sizzling Scalloped Shawlette is a great summer project. It’s the perfect weight for a breezy summer night, and is also very easy to crochet on the go. This shawl uses a variety of stitches,

Home Raffia Beach Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Summertime means going to the beach, and what is the most important thing to take to the beach? Sunscreen, of course, but you’ll need something to carry that sunscreen in. Sandy’s Beach Bag  is the

Home Raffia Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

When you have fair skin, a little protection goes a long way against the rays of the sun. This Raffia Sun Hat is the perfect summertime accessory for anyone. It is crocheted in the

Midnight Dune Scarf

Summer may be going strong, but cooler weather is coming! That means it’s time to start thinking about some fall crochet projects that you can do now. This Midnight Dune Scarf is a great

Five Free Flip-Flop Crochet Patterns

Summer weather is here, and summer is the time for flip-flops! We have five bright and colorful flip-flop patterns for you featuring some of our favorite Premier yarns. These flip-flops are fun and easy

Baby Blanket Edging Free Crochet Pattern

So you’d like to crochet a baby blanket but aren’t quite ready to tackle the full project? Then this is the project for you! In this video lesson, you will be taking a plain

Free Hyperbolic Crochet Pattern

Hyperbolic crochet has gained in popularity due to the Crochet Coral Reef project. Basically, hyperbolic crochet is a free-form style of crochet that results in an organic-looking shape that would occur in nature. If

Parfait Green Flip Flop Free Crochet Pattern

Here we have another fashion flip-flop accessorized with a summer flower. This Green Flip-Flop crochet pattern features a double-crochet petaled flower. The band of the flip-flop is covered using half-double crochet stitches. Again, we’ve

Sashay Mini Aqua Flip Flop Free Crochet Pattern

  These fun and funky Aqua Flip-Flops feature a rainbow of color provided by Sashay Mini yarn. Sashay is typically used as a ruffling yarn to make scarfs like this Sashay Ruffled Scarf, but

Home Cotton Purple Flip Flop Free Crochet Pattern

 One of the easiest ways to update an accessory is to add a flower, which is exactly what we’ve done with these cute Purple Flip-Flops. The flower is crocheted in a circle using a

Merry Pink Flip Flop Free Crochet Pattern

Pink is one of our favorite summer colors. This Pink Flip-Flop crochet pattern is super simple, requiring only a single crochet stitch over the band of the flip-flop. Just imagine how cute these flip-flops

Hipster Yellow Flip Flop Free Crochet Pattern

Did you know that you can take a plain pair of flip-flops, a crochet hook and about 30 minutes to create your own personalized, comfy soft flip-flops? It’s easy and fun! You will want

Stash It Up 2: More Ways to Organize Your Yarns

If you don’t constantly consider the best way to organize and store your yarn, then you obviously don’t have enough yarn. Here’s a few ideas on the best way to store your yarn, whether